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Do you have the same troubles?

01. The floor drain is blocked, the floor area is watery, smelly and easy to slip

02. The falling hair causes the drain to be blocked and the drainage is not good

03. Clogged sewage, cleaning up the bathroom and kitchen is tricky

Keep shower, tub, and sink drain free of clogs, no need to clean the sink filter.

The mesh-like holes around the body filter out debris and disperse the water flow into the water

Dense grid: does not affect effective drainage when blocked.

Throw away when used up: it does not affect effective drainage when blocked.

Strong adhesive backing: don’t worry about being washed away or floating by water.


Family standing

These shower drain stickers can effectively prevent the hair, paper, food residue, fabric, and other foreign objects from into the drainage pipe.

Easy to Use

Convenient to remove and replace. Durable Non-woven fabric material.


This disposable sink strainer has a sticker behind which can be attached to the sewer entrance.

Widely Used Occasions

Suitable for bathroom, laundry, bathtub, kitchen, and so on.


Be sure to wipe the surface dry before use, no moisture remains

1. Wipe dry water to avoid water stains

2. Tear off the adhesive

3. Stick on the floor drain evenly

4. Collect enough hair and remove it and discard it


Strong applicability: multi-purpose design, use more flexible.

Applicable places: Kitchen sink, sink, bathroom floor drain, bathtub.


  • Non-woven fabric
  • 50G
  • 10 CM/3.93 IN
  • One-time floor drain sticker × 10/30/50
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