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The Whispering Dragon Glow In The Dark Handcrafted Ear Cuff

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Dragons hoard more than just treasure, they also love gathering knowledge. In fact, the legends say that the more sociable of dragons would give mortals a piece of their treasure hoard in exchange for new knowledge.

When you have a dragon companion whispering their secrets into your ear, who knows what you may discover…

This beautiful handmade piece features a dragon that appears to be wrapped around your ear.

This eye-catching plated metal alloy ear cuff becomes even more striking at night, as its eyes, mouth and wings glow brilliantly in the dark.

Easy to wear, this clip-on dragon can be worn by everyone, without the need for piercings.

The high quality glow mixture used on this item be recharged under sunlight or UV light for best results.

Great for everyday wear or as a gift.


1 x The Whispering Dragon Glow In The Dark Handcrafted Ear Cuff

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