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“….I use it every night. I can’t sleep without it.
Literally helps me fall asleep in half the time.”

– Kelly Marie, USA

SleepBand™️ Pro sleep Mask Headphones

The world’s most comfortable headphones for sleeping.

Block Out 100% Of Light & Noise: Blocking external light produces melatonin allowing you to drift asleep faster.

Built-In Bluetooth Headphones: Listening to calming audio has been proven to relieve insomnia & improve sleep quality. SleepBand has thin padded speakers built-in.

Fall Asleep In Half The Time: Designed for instant relaxation anywhere. Effortlessly fall asleep with maximum comfort.

Relieve Insomnia & Stress: Quality sleep is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Unwind & de-stress with the SleepBand.


Meet SleepBand Pro, your new bedtime buddy.

SleepBand Pro is designed to provide the deepest possible sleep anywhere, any time.

Blocking external light & listening to calming, relaxing audio is the key to higher quality sleep.

This ultra-soft breathable headband has thin, padded Bluetooth speakers built-in to help you fall asleep faster.

Comfortably block out any annoyances like snoring, tv/phones, neighbors, roommates, and more.

Enjoy an immersive audio experience with unmatched comfort all night & wake up feeling refreshed.


Can I wash my SleepBand?

Yes! All electronic components are removable: you can take those out, put the headband in the washer, and easily assemble it again once it has dried.

Can I hear my alarm in the morning with this on?

As long as your phone is paired to the device, your alarm will actually go off through the sleep band. Making it even easier to wake up!

Will the battery stay alive all night long?

Yes! We’ve just updated our battery technology to allow for up to 3 full nights of playtime on a single charge. After around 4 hours with no music or sounds playing, the system automatically goes in to standby to save the battery.

Does it come in different sizes? I have a big/small head.

Our SleepBand has a stretch fabric that feels very comfortable when using it. It adapts to you, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of measuring and guessing your size.

Is the headband actually comfortable enough to sleep in?

The lightweight & breathable cooling materials are like pajamas for your ears. They’ve been specifically designed for long nights & are sure to satisfy your comfort needs.

Does it have any power down or battery low noise that will wake you up?

No. Once the device reaches a low battery it will silently power down to preserve the last bit of juice without disturbing or waking you from your sleep.

Does it have any other uses outside of sleeping?

Absolutely.. many of our customers actually use the band for traveling, workouts, meditation, yoga & so much more. It’s great for a calm walk with music or an audiobook.

There are many uses for the SleepBand outside of the bedroom and we’re confident you’ll be using this every single day.



Listen to calming Sounds, Audiobooks & podcasts

Listening to calming sleep sounds is proven to help you fall asleep in half the time. Many of our customers listen to white noise, music, podcast, audiobook & sleep stories nightly.

Built with comfort & 100% Blackout For DeePER Sleep

Darkness produces melatonin which allows you to fall asleep faster & sleep deeper. Deep sleep is what allows you to wake up feeling refreshed & energized for the day.

Block Out Any sounds & disturbances

The thin, padded headphones will drown out any annoyances like snoring, TV sounds, loud neighbors, roommates, and more. You can finally regain your peace and quiet.



Traditional earbuds & “pods” are proven to damage your ears after repeated use, especially if you use them to sleep at night.
Not only are they extremely uncomfortable but they will cause painful inflammation around the cartilage of your ear that can cause a lifetime of pain, discomfort, and even minor hearing loss.

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