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Creative Bathroom Drain Hair Catcher

Irritated when you see a lot of hair on your bathroom drain?

This Creative Bathroom Drain Hair Catcher will save you a lot of money on plumber costs in the long run, as it can prevent the shed hair that comes off the human body and head, from clogging up in your pipes or blocking off your drain and flooding your tub.

Easily filter fine hairs to prevent clogging and smelly sewers.


High Quality: Flexible, durable, and water-resistant, not easy to deform, easy to filter long and thin hair, no clogging, reduce the risk of sewer overflow.

Simple and portable design: This Drain Hair Catcher is made of TPR material, soft and environmental-friendly,anti-slip, and wear-resistant.

Push-on design: Water can be stored to wash something when closed, and water can be drained and filtered after pressing, which is convenient to use.

Swirl Shape: Speed up drainage without accumulating water.

Easy to Install: It is effortless to install anywhere you wish, fits most standard sinks and drains. While removing, just grab it out of the sinks and drains. Simply wipe or rinse with mild soap to clean.

Widely Use: Wildly applicable for most outlets of sinks, showers, or tub drains. This Drain Hair Catcher can be used in the bathroom drains, bathtub drains, kitchens sink, shower room, laundry, and anywhere you want to stop and trap debris.


Material: TPR
Size: 3.94 x 4.14 in


1 x Creative Bathroom Drain Hair Catcher 

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