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This kitchen tong whisker is suitable for cooking, barbecue , egg boiling or other cooking processes.

The cooking tongs are not only great for grabbing boiled eggs, noodles, pasta, but also perfect for stirring cream and eggs while making a cake.  

40% more efficient than ordinary whisks.


Round handle, which fits the hand shape comfortably, the internal oval space can be used to clamp various smooth foods, such as eggs, potatoes, tomatoes, etc.

With a reinforced toothed clip head, it can provide a powerful grip and is more durable during cooking which can be used to clamp meat slices, melon slices, vegetable leaves, etc.


The Multi-function whisk easy to clean and easy hanging on any hook in your kitchen, allowing for easy storage.

Imply wash it with kitchen detergent and water, or clean it by a dishwasher.

A must-have for home cooks and restaurant chefs.

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